Unlock the Power of Personalization: Elevate your coaching practice with our personalized Health Coaching Platform – hei (Health Inside)


Helping you grow your practice

hei (Health Inside) works in the background to make sure that you only need to do the work that you feel delivers the most value to your clients.

Work less

We do most of the routine and mundane tasks needed to deliver personalised nutrition recommendations so you can focus on your clients unique needs

Be connected

Monitor your clients’ progress using smart device data, food log and app interactions live. Reach out by in-built chat, audio and video when you need to.

Earn more

The platform is FREE to use while we share profits from all subscription, supplement, test and consultation sales to your clients.

Keep clients engaged

Keep your clients active and motivated with personalised service and targeted interactions such as weekly goals, meal ideas, quizzes, notifications and chats.

Get new clients

Maintain 100% exclusive access to your existing clients while we help you acquire new clients based on your approved criteria.

Simplify management

We will reduce your administrative burden to help you scale while maintaining focus on your clients’ needs and your own professional development.


We keep You at the center of your clients’ Journey

hei does much of the heavy lifting for you, but you can control and modify every step of your clients’ Journey

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